Film Selections 2015

Betwixt – Aidan Dick – H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program

Bombingham – Gabrielle Gorman – New Roads School

Chris – Zach Oschin and Sarah Evans – Viewpoint School

Curt Lowens: A Life of Changes – August Blum, George Khabbaz, Justin Binder, Kayla Mossanen, Levi Glaser, Robert Carlson, Tammy Shine – The Righteous Conversations Project/HW Summer Film

Heal the Bay – Beth Mintzer – The Archer School for Girls

here and then – Lulu Cerone – Echo Park Film Center/The Archer School for Girls

In a Jam – Ada-Nicole Sanger – Providence High School

Laugh When You’re Sad – Natalia Ferrara and Izzy Cassandra-Newsam – LACHSA

Marked – Nicole Schneider, Liadan Solomon, Jordan Alberstone – The Archer School for Girls

Reflection – James Kanoff, Aidan Riley, and Chance Washburn – Independent

Reweaving: Rwanda After Rape – Katherine Calvert – Harvard-Westlake School

Serika – Claire Offenberger – Orange County School of the Arts

Shishi: A portrait – Nicole Schneider – The Archer School for Girls

Spooky Business – Tino Dimperio, Porris Calkin, Jostin Bicol, J.C. Castro, Alice Ross, and Brandon Swofford – Providence High School

Tight Lines – Billie Wakeham – The Archer School for Girls

Two by Two – Ruby Drake – SF Art & Film